About Graceful Lily

If you have ever met me in person you will probably say is that I was born in the wrong Century.  And its quite possible I was! When I was younger I wanted to be an archeologist, but as I grew up I realized that a vintage store was more of my calling. As a lover of all things vintage and historical, the best way I could think to channel this was through this vintage shop. Thankfully it also helps to keep my  antiques and wares to a minimum in the house by giving other people a chance at the amazing finds. Which in turn keeps my family happy!

Working as a nurse through the Pandemic this brand and these amazing and historical pieces have been able to keep me grounded and maintain my passion. I am grateful that it has sparked joy in so many people around the world aside from just myself, and I am so happy to know that every piece I sell is going to bring joy to someone else's closet or home. 


To help the fashion industry become a more sustainable empire by aiding in the recycling, upcycling and continued life of quality clothing.

To provide people who love everything vintage with a place to find quality pieces that make their heart soar.